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Weird habits that make people successful (and awesome):

1. Argue
2. Confront: "You need to be ready to call someone out. If somebody is bullshitting you, tell them. They need to hear it. Being endlessly deferential is a shortcut: instead of doing the hard work of advocating truth, you take the “easy" route of suffocating in passivity."
3. Be ruthless
4. Seek out rejection
5. Isolate yourself: “Yes, we know that you’re incredibly popular and hip and you never eat alone and you can work any room. That’s great. But if you ever want to grow internally rather than court external validation, you need to get away from all the people.”


[Image: Flickr user Lorenzo Tomada]

how many of these habits do you regularly practice?

All of them. Holy shit.

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    These may all actually apply in a business situation (I work in a non-competitive environment) but this is a precise...
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    All of them. Holy shit.
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    Weird habits that make people successful (and awesome): 1. Argue 2. Confront: "You need to be ready to call someone out....
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    YES. Bold single woman behavior.
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